5th Grade Art Integration Math Kit, Numbers & Operations - Fractions, Assorted, 1 Kit

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Learn It By Art® Math Kits are curriculum-enriching, STEAM- based, Art-Integration solutions that help students learn, retain and apply the most difficult foundational math concepts...and they work! A recent test in six, Los Angeles Title I schools saw a 24-percentage point gain in the number of students who scored proficient in the most difficult core standards! Unlock the full potential of your students Learn It By Art® Math Kits today! Created specifically for 5th graders, this Math kit includes three standards-aligned lessons within a content-rich Teacher's Guide, and more than enough materials to teach 30 students.

Each kit includes:
• Lessons aligned to Numbers & Operations - Fractions and multiple Visual Art standards.
• A content-rich Teacher Guide with curriculum maps, instructional content, and pre and post assessments.

Materials include: die cut paper masks, heavyweight tagboard, assorted construction paper, black construction paper, foam sheets, tempera sticks, duck quills, spotted feathers, glitter glue, oil pastels, and yarn. Developed with Susan Riley, a former Teacher, Administrator, Author and now an internationally recognized arts integration and STEAM authority, and founder of Education Closet.