Reading Paired Text: Lessons for Common Core Mastery, Grade 1

Reading Paired Text: Lessons for Common Core Mastery, Grade 1

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Support your first-grade students in close reading of nonfiction and fiction texts with practice that supports Common Core methodology. Each unit contains two related reading selections in a minibook format. The themes reflect first-grade science and social studies topics and are focused around a Big Question. For example, Can I live without my bones? (Big Question) connects "How Bones Work" (a nonfiction article) and "Jacob's Bones" (a fictional story).

The activities in each unit help students:
• Learn and apply academic vocabulary in context
• Participate in oral close reading discussions
• Answer comprehension questions
• Write to a prompt with the help of a graphic organizer

This resource includes:
• Seven robust units that include a unit assessment with discussion of the topic, texts, and Big Question, as well as a writing prompt.
• Downloadable home–school connection activities and projects that extend learning at home
• Common Core correlations for every unit for easy reference.
• Minibooks of each reading selection.

Plus, the suggested learning path is easy to scaffold!