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We use vehicles for lots of different jobs – from construction to transport. In these new lift-the-flap books illustrated by Cocoretto, we take a closer look at the various types of machines we drive. Lift-up flaps provide the perfect opportunity to develop memory and prediction skills. Rescuing, digging, transporting, and delivering – lift the flap to see each vehicle busy at work. Perfect for guessing, prediction and memory skills – and simply joining in! Set includes 4 Wheels at Work titles: City, Emergency, Construction and Farm.

• Babies and toddlers will be delighted by the surprise on each page, and repeated readings will help develop early memory skills.
• These books will familiarize children with many different types of vehicles, and can open up conversations about their different uses in different places.
• Familiar everyday themes and vibrant, high contrast illustrations will make these books instant favorites. Simple, repetitive text is perfect for pre-readers.
• Celebrates diversity and challenges gender stereotyping.